Guts + glitter + glory

Makeda Loney is a copywriter by trade, poet by internal force. Born in Brooklyn, the rush of New York City runs through her veins. Her various travels provided a unique perspective on the world and a desire to explore and learn more. Real-world experiences helped her become a real-world writer, with emphasis on tugging heart strings through the power of poetry and emotional intelligence.  

Makeda’s client roster includes Walmart, McDonald’s, Comcast and Toyota. She has also been honored as one of The Drum’s 50 under 30 US. At home, Makeda switches roles from copywriter to poet, writing poems for people through Keda's Poetry Service – a project dedicated to providing smiles when needed.  She also serves as a Content Creator for Coalesce Chicago, an organization dedicated to cultivating and supporting diversity + inclusion in Chicago's advertising scene.

Let's make life sparkle  || 347.307.5594