Amtrak to Buffalo

Prompt: You're on a train between cities. 8 hours between each. Write about each hour in 60 words or less

I have many homes across the country

In which I won’t hesitate before I close my eyes

I can dream, uninterrupted.

It’s late October and the

Air tastes sweet

Like how I remember your smile

Like the drinks we toast to remember you with

Like how I remember your presence.


I have my ticket crumpled in my hand

My clothes in my duffle

My entertainment in my backpack

My eyes towards Buffalo

Your heart tattooed on my leg

You in my mind


Amtrak. Train number 27. 8 hours between cities.

385 miles between King and Queen.


Hour One

The fat of my body

Spreads across the seat and then some.

My nerves hope no one sits next to me.

The fighter in my heart says “try me.”


We leave the tunnel and the morning

Hurts my eyes.

Beauty was never something

To take in calmly.


Hour Two

Pitch black

Like the midnight that

Consumes my soul on some nights.

Like the children who were blessed

With the richness of color

Like lungs

Soaking in the minutes spent after meals

And between classes


I see you

Dancing like a hologram

You feel so real

Damn I wish you were real


Hour Three

I wish I could

Traverse dimensions

And pull you into the present.

I wouldn’t be stuck on this

Fucking cramped train

If I could.


Hour Four


The miracle of life.

But their wails

Make me want to



Hour Five

I softly serenade my phone

with “Livin’ On A Prayer.”

I text my friend to make sure

She has a phone charger.

Oh! And Imodium.

I’m gambling with the

Train food.


Hour Six

The rolling hills of

Central New York

Never cease draw the

Breath out of my chest.

I think of your family.

I can’t wait to hug your little brother.


Hour Seven

I disappear into the darkness again

Only to dream of nothing.


Hour Eight

Edward Sharpe plays in my mind

Like a broken record

It’s stuck on

Home, let me come home,

Home is wherever I’m with you.

Home is Bonaventure

Home is the various houses you’ve lived in

Home is the highway

Home is the airport

Home is this miraculously empty seat

On this crowded train

Your body fills it just the same


Welcome to Buffalo, New York.

Please be careful when exiting the train.