Over Time ( & Again)

Sequel to a poem previously posted "Over Time

Over time

& again


& again


I wonder what he feels

Every time he looks in the mirror.


Do his eyes glaze over with pride?

Are they bloodshot with the bullets fired into his soul?

Does “reckless” appear to be tattooed into his scalp?



Thick like a lion’s mane

Skin baked by the young son

Birthed under pressure


Time & again

I wonder


Does my spirit sing to him in his sleep like his does mine?

Does my ghost weep into his chest?

Does his heart beat to the plucking strings of his banjo,

With a case that creeps next to my balcony door

In which there are blinds

Broken in lust

Which allows the sun to

Fill my living room with love


I see him

Shirt draped over him like a bed sheet




The sun baking him

Hills and valleys rising and falling in his lungs

Two inflatable smoke stacks

I find myself choking

Under the pollution he casts onto me

I can’t filter him out

No matter how hard I try


Time & again


I get sicker

But the cure from this disease doesn’t dawn from silence

And no matter how much research I do

On how to make that fucking throat of yours sing

I hear nothing but nails on a chalkboard

Every time I think of you it is screeches

Every time I’m reminded of you it gets more intense

Maybe I should just stop trying to discover the perfect formula

That will reopen the line of communication

Magic like ours wasn’t made in a classroom


Over time

& again


I wonder what he sees when

He looks in the mirror.


Does he love what he sees

Or does he overlook everything


Like he does me?