Dear Big Girl

Dear Big Girl,

Never settle for just the simple word beautiful.
Never let them take your size
and shrink it into a textbook definition
that is light enough to be supported
on gossamer wings.

You are powerful.
You’ve got head-crushing hips,
and comebacks hidden behind your lips
ready to fire at those
who won’t let you live in peace.

Your skin
is weathered by stares
from strangers trying to see into
your medical history and
the depths of what they think is a
depressing abyss of
broken diets and
thin wishes.
Don’t let them see the flowers that
bloom in the darkness.

Take your fingertips
and trace out the constellations
that lay within the folds of your belly.
Remind yourself that you shine brighter
than a ballerina that glitters across the galaxy
on silk-draped wings.

Purse your lips.
And smile as the sun
knights you each morning, and
bids thee goodnight upon its set.

You are more than a beauty
fluttering into the hearts of the world
for a second of a compliment on the lips.
You are a force.
Pushing boundaries like you already knew
you could.